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After selecting a book the description is presented, starting with a H3 REVIEW
Is it possible to remove this label and if so, can you explain to me the 'how and where' to do it ?

I have been looking in all kind of files but I am not a technician, so I don't dare to 'trial and error' too much ...

Thanks !
When testing on a samsung tablet the search tool is there with all search options.
It shows the dropdown lists (category, author, editor, tag and year) perfectly with available values but I can not select any of the values presented.

Is there a special configuration needed that I am missing ?

Kind regards
Hello, is there anybody out there ?

For SEO purposes, we use JSiteMap Pro for our website.
JSiteMap is not automatically setup to work in combination with Alexandria, but provides options to configure that manually.
Is there anyone who has managed that to do so and could I borrow that knowlegde  :D

Looking forward to hear from you !

Kind regards Philip
Hello Federica,

I am setting up / using the Alexandria Book Library actually more as a Library with articles, video's and books (actually for classifying all kinds of information regarding our passion).
So first of all thank you for creating the library and distributing it for free !!!

Now, our website is multi-lingual and I noticed a link to FaLang translation system by Faboba on your website pages.
Is there a package available for using Falang in combination with Alexandria (i.e. there are content elements needed for Falang to recognize Alexandria).

If not, I will have to order them from Falang (paid order), so just checking first with you.
If I have to order for them from Falang, I will (as a way of exchange for using Alexandria for free) provide you with them if you like.

Kindly hear from you !

Philip Fiolet

This is the first set-up of our use of Alexandria if you are interested ... the very beginning :-)
Supporto (Support) / Re: Modify what fields displayed in list views
« Last post by federica on 22 November 2019, 11:18:06 »
You are welcome!
If you like abook please add a review in Joomal JED
Supporto (Support) / Re: Modify what fields displayed in list views
« Last post by clancywolf on 21 November 2019, 18:40:18 »
Thanks. Exactly what I needed.  Thanks for your work and support!
Supporto (Support) / Re: Modify what fields displayed in list views
« Last post by federica on 21 November 2019, 10:33:02 »
Hi clancywolf,
components/com_abook/layouts/category/item.php is the file you have to modify to change detail order in all lists (search, tag, category, ecc...).
I suggest to create an override so you must not apply your change at every abook update. Put override file in templates/your_templates/html/layoutscom_abook/category/item.php
Supporto (Support) / Modify what fields displayed in list views
« Last post by clancywolf on 20 November 2019, 21:04:42 »
Where would I go to change which fields are displayed in the list of books displayed as a result of a search, and a result from clicking on a tag? 
For example, in the demo site:   displays Year, Hits, Tags and Date Insert.  Where would I go so I can make it not show Date Insert? 

Similarly, I can't tell if it is the same code when I click on a tag to see all books with that tag.  For example:  generates a list that looks the same as above, but since I am getting there from a differant route, would the same code be edited?

Thank you for any help.

Alexandria 3.1.5, Joomla 3.9.13, php 7.3.11
Richieste (Requests) / Re: Modulo che seleziona per tag e altro
« Last post by Faber on 13 November 2019, 11:26:27 »
Mi dispiace, ma il vostro sistema antispam considera spam tutti ( o buona parte) gli indirizzi IP provenienti da TRE e WIND. Ora da spam anche per che è di TRE ma prima ancora lo dava per un altro IP WIND.  Tutti questi IP sono inseriti in questa fantomatica lista PBL del progetto spamhaus che vale solo per se stesso , evidentemente, perché io lavoro e mando email normalmente da sempre attraverso gmail senza aver avuto mai alcun problema. Io non ho linea fissa e sono normalmente connesso attraverso o cellulare o router con sim.
Credo che questo blocco impedisca a molti di contattarvi. (WIND e TRE sono abbastanza diffusi).
La mia richiesta è relativa ad una funzione del modulo Allbookinone. La mia email è seller AT Mi puoi mandare privatamente un riferimento?
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