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Errori (Bugs) / Re: A-book v4beta SQL error 1366 incorrect integer value ''
« Last post by richardh9935 on 13 January 2022, 04:10:22 »
Thank you.
Errori (Bugs) / Re: A-book v4beta SQL error 1366 incorrect integer value ''
« Last post by federica on 12 January 2022, 14:58:18 »
Hi richardh9935,
the import-export tool is intendend for operation in the same version of Abook. The export-import fron abook J3 to abook j4 is not supported because some fields may be different.
If you want to upgrade a joomla web site to J4 follow these steps:
- upgrade jommla from j3 to j4
- install abook 4 without unistall abook 3

In this way the installation process is able to modify INTEGER field values from NULL to zero. The affected fields are "year", "user_id", "userid", "user_id", "pag_index". See administrator/components/com_abook/sql/updates/mysql/4.0.0.sql and 3.1.6.sql for get the queries if you needs
Errori (Bugs) / A-book v4beta SQL error 1366 incorrect integer value ''
« Last post by richardh9935 on 11 January 2022, 23:40:38 »
I am importing the file I exported from J3 to get the Books data from J3 to J4. (All other tables worked fine.) I confirmed that the file contains the correct integer value (without quotes) for USERID, but I keep getting the SQL error 1366. I am using the beta version 4 of A-book.

This issue may not affect users who stayed with v4.* of Mysql or MariaDB. I've moved up a version at the same time.

I found a request for help on StackOverFlow that looks as though it matches our situation.
New versions of MariaDB and Mysql are less tolerant of the NULL value.

This suggests that either:
  • IMPORT form does not return the integer value of the USERID, but instead returns NULL.
  • IMPORT form puts NULL in the file instead of the existing value
  • BOOK table definition for USERID does not allow NULL values.

The StackOverFlow recommendation is to change the BOOK table definition to allow NULL values for INTEGER columns.
Errori (Bugs) / Re: importexport.xml needs accept=".sql"
« Last post by federica on 05 January 2022, 10:33:41 »
Hi richardh9935,
thanks for your suggest. My browser (firefox on linux) allows to upload sql file as "text" mime type without problem. Probably Safari is more fussy
Due to the field is used to upload both .csv and .sql file it is better to set accept="text/*, *.sql"
I fixed the bug. You can download the updated version.
Errori (Bugs) / importexport.xml needs accept=".sql"
« Last post by richardh9935 on 05 January 2022, 00:05:16 »
To migrate my v3.1.5 Abook data to my testing v4(beta) system, I exported using the MYSQL export. That worked fine.
The import failed because the import_file step could not accept the particular file I wanted to use.
To make the import succeed, I had to change line 26 of .../Administrator/components/com_abook/models/forms/importexport.xml to accept a file with a .sql type.

The block of code was:
      <field name="import_file"
                        type="file" accept="text/*"

I changed it to:
      <field name="import_file"
                        type="file" accept=".sql"

I confirmed that the v3.1.5 and the v4.0.0Beta versions of importexport.xml are the same.

I'm using Safari 15.2 on macOS 12.1.
Errori (Bugs) / Re: v4.0.0Beta unable to save new location
« Last post by richardh9935 on 04 January 2022, 23:41:36 »
 :) Bliss. It works. Thank you very much Federica.
Errori (Bugs) / Re: v4.0.0Beta unable to save new location
« Last post by federica on 04 January 2022, 10:34:22 »
Hi richardh9935,
I fixed the bug, please download the updated package here
Errori (Bugs) / v4.0.0Beta unable to save new location
« Last post by richardh9935 on 04 January 2022, 01:46:19 »
I'm testing the Beta version on my home system, and thought you would like to know of anomalies.

When adding a new location, neither the Save nor the Save & Close buttons execute.

The Cancel button does execute.

Supporto (Support) / Abook 4.0.0 Beta version is available (Joomla! 4 only)
« Last post by federica on 02 January 2022, 20:26:14 »
Hi all,
I released the beta version of Alexandria Book Library for Joomla! 4
Download it here!

Happy New Year!
Supporto (Support) / Re: link Alexandria Book Library
« Last post by federica on 20 December 2021, 11:41:15 »
Il link a fondo pagina, solitamente chiamato "credits", è come se fosse la firma dell'autore dell'opera.
Rilascio Abook gratuitamente e grazie a quel link anche il tuo sito contribuisce a mettere al corrente i visitatori dell'esistenza di questo programma per la gestione dei libri. Se hai scelto di utilizzare un'estensione open souce immagino che anche tu creda nella diffusione del software libero.
Se usi Joomla ti sarà già capitato di vedere il link all'autore in molte estensioni o template gratuiti. Alcuni sviluppatori rilasciano anche una versione a pagamento senza credits.
Attualmente non rilascio versioni a pagamento ma alcuni utenti mi hanno chiesto una versione senza credits dopo aver fatto una donazione di una certa consistenza. In questo modo questi utenti contribuiscono economicamente allo sviluppo di Abook invece di contribuire alla diffusione attraverso il link all'autore.

Se Abook ti piace e l'hai trovato utile puoi contribuire anche tu affinchè possa continuare ad esistere.
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