Author Topic: Display tagged list in Article  (Read 1221 times)

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Display tagged list in Article
« on: 24 June 2018, 20:00:28 »
I am looking to have a list of tagged books inside an article.

I have a menu item on my website which is a Articles > Category blog. Inside that list I want to have the 1st article be a book list of all books with a given tag (the URL is "index.php?option=com_abook&view=tag&id=1"), then more articles that are book reviews in that same Category Blog.

Any help?

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Re: Display tagged list in Article
« Reply #1 on: 26 June 2018, 16:06:50 »
Hi Memphismark,
it is not possible.
Al mondo ci sono 10 tipi di persone, quelli che hanno capito il codice binario e quelli che non l'hanno capito.
stacca la spina!