Author Topic: clarify delimiters for Import  (Read 1785 times)

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clarify delimiters for Import
« on: 01 November 2016, 21:52:41 »
Dear Federica,
I've just started installing Abook 3.x, and I'm impressed.  Thank you for working so hard.

I want to use the Import procedure, using CSV.  However, the warning text gives contradictory delimiters.  eg "fields terminated by colon" but then the character in the brackets following is a semi-colon.   This also seems to contradict the last sentence: "The 'authors' and 'tags' fields are an items lists separated by semicolon."  Do you mean "colon" in this instance?

Secondly, while many of the fields are easy to understand, some are not.  Have you published your data dictionary for this table?

Lastly, some fields appear to be duplicates.  eg "user id" and "userid".

WARNING: Import tool does not include the images and linked files.
Mysql backup: full import from the same version and Abook 2.0.4
Csv: import of books in the selected category. File features: fields terminated by colon (;), fields enclosed by double quotes (""). Fields list: title, subtitle, alias, id editor, price, pag, user id, user alias, description, image name, file name, year, id location, id library, vote, numvote, hits, published, qty, isbn, approved, userid, url, url label, date insert, catalog, checked_out, checked_out_time, access, metakey, metadesc, note, editedby, catid, authors, tags. The 'authors' and 'tags' fields are an items lists separated by semicolon.

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Re: clarify delimiters for Import
« Reply #1 on: 18 April 2017, 13:04:35 »
Hi richardh9935,
you are right! I will improve the import/export instructions in the next version.
fields terminated by semi colon (;), fields enclosed by double quotes (\"something\")
authors and tags fields: comma separated list of item id
user id: number, user id inserted the book taken by #_users table
userid: unused set 0
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