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Abook 2_0_3 issues
« on: 16 May 2012, 20:06:51 »
Hello all

I have been paying around with abook component (latest version) for some time. I came across some issues which I could not solve. I hope u have solutions for them.

- When using abook in a multilangual website (arabic english) the following happens: when you enter the number of pages (۳۴۵) and the year in arabic letter (۲۰۰۱), after saving the books  these two boxes become empty. If these characters are inserted in english they do show up.
How can this issue be solved?

- In the options for the abook component (bakcend) what  should be the file names "Files older path: images/------   i created a folder both in  mysite/images/books   and in mysite/components/abook/assets/images/     these folders did not get recognized. What is the issue do they need to have a certain name or am I doing something wrong?

The note  does appear in the code in  books/tmpl/default.php   but there is no place to enter the note in book specifications. What is this note for?

- The File ( in bookdetails): what is this for and  where should these file be located ( i mean in which folder) so that they can be selected when adding/editing a book?

- The location and the catalog  specifications: When u enter them in book details, they are visisble in the backend but not in the front end? There is no option to make them visible in front end. How can u show them in the front end?

- Also when editing the Libraries  you can  put a description ( for example a short intro of the library)  but you see this description nowhere. I guess it is only visible when you click on the library but the library is unclick able. What can be done about it?   So when u click on library you see all these books the same as in (tags).

thank you advance

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Re: Abook 2_0_3 issues
« Reply #1 on: 20 May 2012, 18:30:11 »
Hi K4Khan,

- Arabic letter. You can change the database fields for page number and year to alphanumeric fields  (eg. varchar).

- Files path. eg. if you have a folder in "your_site/images/ebooks" you should write "ebooks" only

- I haven't yet implemented the "note" field in the latest version of Abook. I will add it in the next version

- the file field in book details shows a drop down of the files stored in the related folder (eg.your_site/images/ebooks that you have put in the component configuration)

- the location field is visible in frontend, the catalog field is't visible, it is a bug. I will fix it asap.

- the library view there isn't. I will develop it asap.

Thank you for your notices.
Bye bye
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