Author Topic: Using Falang (multi-language) in combination with Alexandria Book Library  (Read 766 times)

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Hello Federica,

I am setting up / using the Alexandria Book Library actually more as a Library with articles, video's and books (actually for classifying all kinds of information regarding our passion).
So first of all thank you for creating the library and distributing it for free !!!

Now, our website is multi-lingual and I noticed a link to FaLang translation system by Faboba on your website pages.
Is there a package available for using Falang in combination with Alexandria (i.e. there are content elements needed for Falang to recognize Alexandria).

If not, I will have to order them from Falang (paid order), so just checking first with you.
If I have to order for them from Falang, I will (as a way of exchange for using Alexandria for free) provide you with them if you like.

Kindly hear from you !

Philip Fiolet

This is the first set-up of our use of Alexandria if you are interested ... the very beginning :-)

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Hello, is there anybody out there ?

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Hi Philip,
last months I'm working very hard so I haven't been free time for reply to you.
In this time Abook don't interact to falang because there isn't a specific plugin.
If you need abook-falang plugin contact me for quotation
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