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changing searchtools-pull-down menu options



does anyone have any idea/hint how I can change the order of the pull-down menu options?
where are the relevant queries? In models or view.html I wasn't lucky yet ...

I want to change the year: latest on top
I would like to structure the tags according to their "groups" (like categories)

protostar & com_abook&view=search-override

( hoping, that searchtools will be visible once under android too ...   :-\ )

well: now you get the options more sorted:
line 56
--- Code: ---$query->leftjoin('#__abtag_groups AS btg ON');
--- End code ---
line 75
--- Code: ---$query->order(' DESC');
--- End code ---

line 71:
--- Code: ---$query->order('b.year DESC');
--- End code ---
:-(( Unfortunately as core-hack. I haven't found an override yet.

but there are still some list problems left:

abbook unfortunately still inserts page breaks for the hit list. But I would like to have everything on one page, i.e. "All" as default display number.

And I also can't access the sorting of the list via backend-options.
I can't find the competent location of the query ...
I would like to sort the titles according to the entries in "Catalog" and "# page index" ...


via the backend options nothing desired of the searchtools could be changed.
After some long research I found an approach here
...components/com_abook/models/search.php, line 250:
--- Code: ---// $query->order($db->escape($this->getState('list.ordering', 'a.ordering')).' '.$db->escape($this->getState('list.direction', 'ASC')).', a.title');
// commented out and for instance new:
$query->order($db->escape('a.year DESC'));

--- End code ---
This works, but is determined and of course not in the sense of J!


Hi hymeno,
which abook version are you using?


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