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someone knows why in the Alexandria Book Library 3.1.4 on J! 3.9.5 these "searchtools" (I think this is an "Ajax thing"?) are not visible in my android-smartphone?
"searchtools" is such a smooth openable pull-down-menue with more openable pulldown-menues for categories etc.
best, h.

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Hi hymeno,
search tools is hidden in phone view. If you want to display it you have to modify a little bit the code.
componets/com_abook/site/layouts/joomla/searchtools/default/bar.php line 44
remove "hidden-phone" word
componets/com_abook/site/layouts/joomla/searchtools/default/list.php line 18
remove "hidden-phone" word
componets/com_abook/site/layouts/joomla/searchtools/default.php line 37
remove both words "hidden-phone" and "hidden-tablet"

To apply this changes I suggest you use joomla override system

Alternatively you could get a similar result using css code.
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