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Issues importing CSV
« on: 09 April 2013, 20:27:55 »
Hello everyone,
I'm making some tests for future use of Alexandria Book Library but I seem to be having some problems with the mass import of books.
To avoid most errors, I created a test book and exported it as an CSV, that way I would have a (I supposed) correct base to make my .csv.
But, even using that base, I keep getting the same syntax (1064) errors. I'll post a line of my .csv:
Code: [Select]
"Teste";"";"";"0";"22.99 €";"0";"";"";"<p>DESCRIÇÃO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>";"images/produtos/usbEssencial1.png";"";"1987";"0";"0";"0";"0";"0";"1";"";"978-3-16-148410-0";"0";"";"";"";"2013-04-09 17:16:13";"";"0";"0000-00-00 00:00:00";"1";"";"";"";"*";"2";"1"What am i doing wrong?
Thanks in¨advance.

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Re: Issues importing CSV
« Reply #1 on: 09 May 2013, 10:59:40 »
Hello DuLt,
what exactly is the error that you receive?