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Joomla 1.5 Error
« on: 12 March 2013, 04:38:47 »

Great component thanks!

I have a couple of issues on my site which you can hopefully help with:

1. I get this error message every now and then in the admin section "invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in models/book.php like 237.

2. The rating images in the back end show as broken as well as the preview image when adding a book or author. The rating image is present in the M_images folder and shows. The rating images on the book listing in the admin section all show as broken. Why would they not be showing?

3. Is it possible to show the books in a category in 2 columns? One column and multiple rows is not that great when you have no sidebars.

ABook version: 1.1.2
PHP: 5.3.14

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Re: Joomla 1.5 Error
« Reply #1 on: 12 March 2013, 15:57:14 »
Hi christianweb,
I'm sorry but the current stable version is 2.0.4, old version are no longer supported.
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