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Multilanguage Taggroups and Tags / Categories
« on: 24 August 2015, 11:44:51 »
Hello Together

I'm just implementing your Book Library (ver. 3.1.) on a multiple language page.

Since I wanted to keep it simple I made the Taggroups on language "ALL" and created then for each language the equivalent Tags.

Now I noticed, that the Taggroup View shows me alle language Tags. I quickly looked on your code "/components/models/tags.php" and for my logical mind it would be better if you would write the following function like this:

Code: [Select]
protected function _Tagname($idtaggroup)
$db = $this->getDbo();
// Lets load the content if it doesn't already exist
$query = 'SELECT *' .
' FROM #__abtag'.
' WHERE id_taggroup = '. (int) $idtaggroup.
' AND language in (' . $db->Quote(JFactory::getLanguage()->getTag()) . ',' . $db->Quote('*') . ')';
$this->_tagname = $this->_db->loadObjectList();
return $this->_tagname;
So only the Tags per language are shown with the actual language and the "ALL".

Not sure if I should classify it as a bug or a request.

What also would be FANTASTIC is, that when you create the categories you would have to create ONE category for all configured joomla languages.
It would be "easier to handle" the categories, so the admin-view would look if it's multiple language and if yes, it would create a tabed category view for each language.
So you would only have 1 Category (with 4 language tabs if you would have DE/FR/IT/ALL) then rather like now you make 3 entries into the database for each language.

Why does this make sense? We want to create each book entry with the language "ALL" (so we don't have to create each a book entry per language). Then we could just select one category which would exist for each language.
Like now, you actually have to make 3 book entries (per language 1) so you can add the correct category.

At the moment we cant use the category view, since my customer doesn't want to use multiple book entries for each category-language.

sorry for my bad english.

If you got any further questions please contact me.
And it would be interesting what kind of donation would be helpfully for the changes with the categories (off course i know this is a major change, which must be configurable for your existing customers - either categories per language (existing) or one category for all languages(tabed-admin-view per language)).

with best regards

btw: very nice component

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Re: Multilanguage Taggroups and Tags / Categories
« Reply #1 on: 24 August 2015, 12:45:04 »
Hi le5,
sorry for my bad english.
:) my english is worse!

You are right, tag list in a book is not related to a language selected, I fixed it.
I also fixed all views (search, category, book and author) to show the tag list and the book list in accord to selected language.
I hope to publish the new version as soon as possible.

Many thanks to you suggestions, very helpful.
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