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Suggestions for Making a Good App Better #3
« on: 11 January 2013, 16:10:30 »

  • In the back end Book Manager listing there needs to be a Hits column.
  • When editing a book show how many hits, how many revisions, and a button to clear the hits.
  • This one may be a bit harder.  When creating a new book give us the ability to link other books in the series (Book I, Book II, etc.) to the book being created.  Have them display as links at the bottom of the book when viewed on the front end.  This thought can be viewed here and the other book links in the series was manually created.
  • Allow us to manually enter, and edit, the Cover image string.  If you have several hundred books in your "cover" directory / catalog, it can take a while to show the images in the folder.  Myself, my "Catalog#" number matches the image file names, so I could just as easily type the image file name and location in.
  • If possible...  In the Authors tab in the back end, give us the ability to sort by ID.  Furthermore, give us <first_name> and <last_name> ability so a sort by Name gives it by the last name, instead of by the first name.  I can envision <first_name> <string>John</string>, <last_name> <string>Smith</strong>, <full_name> <string>John Smith</string>.  Then the listing in the Author listing can be sorted by the last name field.  The listing does not necessarily need to show the first and last name fields.
  • When editing an author providing a series of links to web sites in the Author information tab would be helpful.  Three should suffice.

All that being said, I am still enjoying this extension immensely.  :-*


P.S. Please note that Item #3 above can be problematic. I am aware of some Science Fiction series, such as Piers Anthony's series Xanth that has over thirty books in the series.  But still... the ability for up to 10 books should do.

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Suggestions for Making a Good App Better #3
« on: 11 January 2013, 16:10:30 »